The project's technical objectives are:

  • Develop a method for producing doped TiO2 nano-structured particles (~ 20 nm crystal size) in a sufficient and efficient way, able to deliver up to 20 kg per day of doped nano-powders. The quality and the properties of the produced nano-structured -particles can be verified by sampling of 4-5 different batches and measuring the corresponding properties (e.g. size, energy band gap, photocatalytic activity)
  • Deliver an appropriate copper based electrolytic bath containing TiO2 nano-structured -particles with a maximum load of 100g/lt and also suitable organic additives. This objective will be verified by operation of the electrolytic bath applying various electrolytic parameters for a period of at least 3 weeks.
  • Set up a pulse electroplating production line to apply copper matrix composite coatings able to operate at various values of Ton and Toff times with a lower limit of 5 ms. Electrical signal measurements (voltage and current) will verify the accuracy of the production line in terms of time.
  • Obtain copper composite coatings with doped-TiO2 nanostructured particles co-deposition rate higher than 10-15wt.%. Compositional measurements (e.g. XRF) will verify this achievement.
  • Develop a pulse current plating method for applying copper composite coatings exhibiting enhanced anti-microbial activity and at the same time self-cleaning character in metallic objects. Also to have adequate mechanical and chemical properties (e.g. corrosion resistance). The verification  of this objective will be based on the successful delivery of 5 batches of different metal articles (e.g. handrails, cart handles etc).