CERTH is a legal, non-profit entity organized under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), of the Greek Ministry of Development. CERTH draws heavily from the critical scientific mass of the University of Thessaly. CERTH’s mission is to conduct basic, applied, and technological research that leads to new materials, products and services with industrial, economic and social impact. Members of Electronics, Materials, and Mechatronics will contribute to the implementation of the proposed research. All members have extensive research experience, evident by their individual publications, their success in obtaining research grants in the EU and USA and their patents.

Axon -

Axon is a contract manufacturer of precision-machined products produced to customer specifications. They also have been manufacturing Build to Print Tools and Support Equipment for the commercial and military industries since 1985. The main activities of the company is machining, assembling, testing, inspecting and developing products for their customers. Over the years Axon has been strategically involved in various challenging projects, developing Axon into a leader of top quality components within both military and commercial markets.

Technochimica -

For over than 30 Technochimica is a leading company of Italy in the formulating, producing and marketing metal plating products with the aim of addressing the operational problems of their clients and the ever changing needs of a market in which the company has grown up and expanded. During the resent years they have considered metal plating to be a key technology, for which industry has and will continue to have demand. Today, more than ever, they believe in focusing their efforts on the primary deposition processes.


CERPOTECH was founded as a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2007. The main products are complex oxide powders of high quality produced via spray pyrolysis from environmentally friendly aqueous precursors. The company built up semi-industrial production facilities during 2013 with the ability to serve both academia and industry. CERPOTECHs current facility has an annual production capacity of several metric tons of powder with further increase planned.
Spray pyrolysis is a cost-efficient method of producing advanced materials with particles in the nano/submicron range. The materials have excellent sinterability due to their large specific surface areas, high chemical and phase purity. Additionally, spray pyrolysis could produce a vast selection of materials given stable precursor solutions. Over the years, the company has developed protocols for around 100 different oxide materials from combinations of more than 40 elements. The combination of the ability to tailor make complex oxides that are commercially not available and capability of delivering raw materials with the same properties for laboratory-size samples as for industrial batches puts CERPOTECH in a unique position.
R&D and participation in research projects have been, and will continue to be, one of the main growth strategies of CERPOTECH. This leads to continuous development of the products offered, networking with partners both nationally and internationally, and involvement and supply from day one in emerging markets. Both the staff and the company advisory board have broad experience and competence in many fields involving ceramic materials, especially concerning synthesis, thermodynamics and stability. CERPOTECH is or has been involved in five different projects funded under EUs FP-7 as well as several national projects, mainly focused towards energy technologies such as solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation membranes and gas reforming. As a spin-off company from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, the company still collaborates closely with the university with access to equipment and facilities at the university.

Lofran -

Lofran has been funded in 1987 and been strengthened year after year as a leading company in its sector. The company is mutually acceptable being specialists in surface coatings on metal parts and have a deep acknowledge in the sector of elecrolytic coatings. They are actively involved in the construction of finished nickel chrome and chemical nickel coatings. Now their facilities are located Yeles, Toledo, after the transfer in 2003 of its former plant in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, encountering an area of more than 2200 meters cuadradados where they perform their productive roles.

UBrun -

Brunel University in West London is a dynamic institution with over 15,000 students and over 1,000 academic staff with total staff numbers in excess of 2,600 operating in a vibrant culture of research excellence.  With a turnover of more than £179 million, the University is a Higher Education and research establishment with considerable intellectual, financial and social resources and makes a major contribution to the economy and community of the West London region. It also plays a significant role in the higher education scene nationally and has numerous national and international links and partnerships with both academia and industry. Brunel comprises of 8 academic Schools and 7 Specialist Research Institutes, conducting research ranging from social sciences and health and social care to mechanical and material engineering and information systems, computing and mathematics. Major research initiatives are coordinated through interdisciplinary Collaborative Research networks in the fields of Ageing, Complex Systems, Creative Industries, Innovative Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Sustainability.

Tecnalia -

TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research entity in Spain and the fifth largest in Europe. TECNALIA employs 1,450 people (164 PhDs) and its turnover is 113 M€ in 2011. In the field of intellectual property rights, TECNALIA has 24 patents pending, 108 patents granted and 3 patents licensed, with a turnover of 2M€ per year. TECNALIA is very active in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), participating in 264 projects and coordinating 64 of them. The group involved in this project will be the Materials for Energy and Environment group. This department is constituted by 31 scientists and technicians (11 PhD senior managers, 12 master degree project managers and 8 lab technicians). This group has been very active since its creation 25 years ago in the former INASMET in the advancement of dry and wet surface technologies. Regarding wet surface technologies they have a wide expertise in the field of metal and alloy plating, anodizing as well as in the scale up of processes They are specialists for self-cleaning / photocatalytic testing: contact angle measurements for hydrophobicity test and photodecolorization experiments with the use of standardized light (visible, UV) for determination of the photocatalytic activity. Photodecolorization experiments are proposed to be performed using different organic contaminants like methylene blue, methyl orange, chlorophenol etc. considering both the TiO2-doped nano-powders being in solution or already as a coating. After the steady state of adsorption equilibrium on the TiO2 surface the contaminant concentration is suggested to be estimated by measuring their absorbance using UV–vis spectrophotometry.

Metropolitan Hospital -

Metropolitan Hospital was founded in 2001 as a part of the group Perseus Healthcare S.A. and in a very short period of time, has managed to establish itself in the private health sector. The vision of the founders of Metropolitan Hospital was to create a prototype hospital which would have a direct focus on people and life, based on the idea that high quality health services are not a luxury – they are every patient’s right and need. With its modern facilities, advanced technology and excellent medical, scientific and nursing staff Metropolitan has shown significant performance in medical research, the application of innovative medical diagnostic and treatment methods and effective health services, which respond to everyone and every healthcare need.